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Panoramic Fleet Management ➤➤➤ Panoramic Fleet Management Using Telematics to Track More Than Just Vehicle Location A nyone who thinks telematics are only as good as any GPS unit hasn't looked into telematics lately. Telematics devices still do a great job of identifying vehicle location, but they can also tell a lot about how the vehicle is operating — and how the driver is operating it. And they're not just for vehicles anymore. Telematics devices can be used on any number of assets, from trailers, mowers, and generators, to containers, snowplows, and buckets. Take the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita, Kan. The center's telematics showed that a van was headed to the VA Hospital in Kansas City. But more importantly, it warned that the van was approaching 100 miles an hour on the turnpike and in a rainstorm — an incredibly dangerous situation for the driver and the veterans in his van. Thanks to telematics, the driver was given immediate cell phone orders to slow down. And by the time he returned, tracking of previous trips revealed a history of speeding and led to his dismissal. Telematics today have much farther-reaching effects than ever before. So much more can be tracked — and so much more can be done with the data. From preventive maintenance and customer satisfaction to theft, safety, and productivity, telematics are helping organizations run better and safer. 16 THE CONNECTED FLEET GUIDE 2013 Tracking More Than Ever Before Even though telematics technology has called vehicles home for years now, they've taken up residence elsewhere, including in other powered assets like lawn mowers and bobcats; in non-powered assets, like fuel tanks and trailers; and on pieces and parts of snowplows and bulldozers. Equipment and Trailers Telematics can be used on just about any asset and can adapt per industry requirements. For Anthony Foster, Fleet Manager, Pioneer Natural Resources, a large, independent oil and gas exploration and production company, telematics help shed light on his feet's operations, which in turn helps him track utilization and run the entire feet more effciently. "We have installed telematics devices on our equipment and our trailers primarily to manage those assets and dispatch them as needed," Foster said. "Quite simply, telematics help us to connect the dots — it shows us which vehicle or piece of equipment is available and where it is, which maximizes our ability to deploy our feet quickly and effciently. Beyond that, we're currently exploring the potential benefts of using telemat-

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