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Panoramic Fleet Management ➤➤➤ For instance, a large communications company was set to purchase 50 new vehicles, but the company identifed with its TELEMATICS CHOICES Telematics come with a lot options these days. Fleet Utilization Report that 10% of its feet vehicles were not being used. The company not only avoided new purchases but Here are just a few. sold off many others. This one report alone paid for the pro- What to Track gram for many years to come. ● Vehicles, including cars, trucks, heavy-duty trucks, passenger vans, and delivery vans "In terms of total cost of ownership, if you don't use a vehicle for more than 500 miles over a six-month period, it isn't Powered Equipment, including tractors, skid- worth keeping that vehicle," Foster said. "We are in the pro- steers, APUs, generators, chippers, compressors, cess of taking an in-depth look at our data to see where we lighting, portable cell stations, off-road and heavy might have vehicles that are not being used and whether it makes sense to reduce our total feet numbers accordingly." ● equipment ● Trailers, including dry-vans, tankers, fatbeds, reef- ers, open-top trailers and container chassis ● Unpowered Assets, including containers, dump- sters, portable toilets, snowplows, buckets, etc. How to Power It ● Three-wired unit ● Plug n' play ● Battery powered ● Trickle power from tail lights when in motion How to Communicate the Data ● Cell ● Satellite ● Hybrid When to Communicate the Data ● Daily ● Hourly ● By the minute ● Every few seconds How to Use It ● Ignition off/on ● Battery backup ● Fuel level alerting ● Unauthorized movement ● Start disable ● Run time ● Plough/blade/boom up/down same can be true for the oil and gas industry. That is a major loss, especially when it comes to large pieces of equipment like bulldozers and excavators. But with GPS satellite asset trackers, companies in remote locations with poor coverage can see exactly where their assets are. And, with geofences in place, they can get an alert the instant a piece of equipment leaves the area. Downsizing With feet utilization reports based on telematics data, feets can see which vehicles are being underutilized, or where they can be shifted to be more productive. 20 Telematics can also help feets grow. In fact, a limousine company in Atlanta was able to grow its business due to a telematics solution. The company went from 10 to 60 vehicles. Schepis uses reports based on telematics data to quantify the usage of his vehicles. "I have subfeet managers in the different services that oversee their service vehicles and shift them around as needed to see that all requirements are met," he said. "This is overseen by a committee of people from all services that oversees vehicle usage and determines if we add or subtract vehicles assigned to them. If a vehicle is added, the service uses usage records and projected usage and reasoning to obtain a vehicle. I quantify usage and determination of what the best vehicle would be for the usage." As his feet has grown from 19 to 85 vehicles, Schepis has been able to customize reports that make reporting easier and help him justify his feets' size. PTO monitoring ● Fleet Growth THE CONNECTED FLEET GUIDE 2013 The Bigger Picture of Fleet Management The evolution of telematics has allowed feet managers to track so much more than location. From driver behavior and engine diagnostics to equipment productivity, with the help of telematics feet managers can see the bigger picture of their feets. ■ SOURCES Anthony Foster, Fleet Manager, Pioneer Natural Resources Nick Schade, Director of Operations Tony's Wrecker Service, Louisville, KY Danny Schepis, Vehicle Manager, Robert J Dole VAMC, Wichita, KS Annette Dunn, Winter Operations Administrator, Iowa Department of Transportation Brian D. Campbell, President, Campbell Oil Company

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