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Case Studies ➤➤➤ ➤ Dunn Lumber About: Dunn Lumber is a lumberyard and delivery service for homeowners and professional contractors in Washington State. With a 100-year history behind the company, Dunn Lumber operates in 11 locations. The Fleet: With 30 feet vehicles in total, Dunn Lumber has telematics devices installed on all 22 of its delivery trucks. The Challenge: Dunn Lumber's vehicle costs were too high, so it needed to fnd a way to bring them down. The company also sought visibility into where its assets were at all times, and how they were being handled as well. As a delivery feet, Dunn Lumber needed to make sure it operated as effcient as possible, while also maintaining the high standards of safety that are a high priority in the lumber industry. For those reasons, it was clear the company needed technology that would help monitor employee and asset safety at all times, while also saving on costs. The Solution: Dunn Lumber installed a telematics solution that allows the company to work on safety and effciency gains with the operators. Using telematics devices, Dunn Lumber is able to select preferred routes for operators, avoiding narrow or unsafe roads. The company is also able to make sure its operators take the preferred routes by sending those routes to a device in the cab that gives them turnby-turn directions. This makes dispatching simple and makes communication with operators safe — no longer needing cell phones to coordinate deliveries. The Results: Dunn Lumber immediately began to drive costs down by monitoring driver behavior. "We have seen a signifcant reduction in idle time and off-route travel, which has resulted in thousands of dollars saved annually," said Glenn Merrill, Central Dispatch for Dunn Lumber. This savings is represented in fuel and vehicle wear and tear. The most signifcant improvement, though, has been peace of mind. "Fifteen years ago a delivery feet operated on trusting the equipment and operators," Merrill said. "We've removed that from the equation by always knowing where our feet is — at all times." Telematics have been a valuable and crucial feet management tool for Dunn Lumber. The solutions have helped streamline its overall feet operations by lowering fuel costs, and increasing safety and effciency. ➤ Lane Valente Industries About: Founded in 1989 as a regional maintenance service provider, Lane Valente Industries has grown every year by offering the most comprehensive and effcient solutions in retail. Today the company is a leading provider of facility maintenance, project management, and energy services. Lane Valente caters to high-volume remodels, sending skilled technicians in a company vehicle to provide facilities solutions for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, retail lighting, and refrigeration maintenance. The Fleet: Lane Valente operates a feet of 172 Moran, feld quality control offcer and feet manager at Lane Valente. "We've also expanded business intelligence by enabling data-driven decisions, strengthened compliance, and increased customer satisfaction. In addition, using telematics has increased workfow productivity, reduced fuel costs, and improved asset utilization." Lane Valente also uses telematics to monitor drivers' locations so the company knows immediately who to send for emergency calls, as well as ensure techs service customers fully. Using a feld service solution, Lane Valente can evaluate the effectiveness of work by analyzing fuel usage, number of hours on the job, schedul- units, including vans and bucket trucks. The Challenge: With a continually expanding feet, Lane Valente wanted to monitor productivity, including the time it took techs to arrive on the job and time to completion. The company also wanted to monitor unauthorized use of vehicles and ensure the accurate billing of hours and payroll. The Solution: To address these challenges, Lane Valente turned to a cloud-computing platform that offers visibility into day-to-day feet operations so it can identify, manage, and improve areas such as driver safety, customer service, back-offce administration, fuel use, and feet effciency. The Results: "Since implementing our solution, the feet has improved driver safety by monitoring mobile worker status and reducing unsafe driving maneuvers," said Michael ing and dispatch time, as well as other metrics. Telematics have also helped the company track stolen vehicles. Lane Valente had four trucks taken, but with GPS connected, the vehicle can be located within minutes or hours of when it was reported missing. Lane Valente also uses telematics to monitor unauthorized use. Each morning, Moran receives an exception report via e-mail showing all vehicles that were used during off hours. He then checks this report against the dispatch report to confrm that the use was warranted. "At frst, drivers thought the GPS system was a way for us to check up on them, but after time they saw it has helped them," Moran said. "No more questions about what time they got to the job and how could it take so long to get to the site." He added that this information is monitored daily to ensure an accurate payroll and client services. THE CONNECTED FLEET GUIDE 2013 23

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