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JUL 2014

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Special Advertising Section maintenance costs. Only 16 pints of oil is required — 7.5 pints less than what is needed in traditional designs — saving f eet owners money during every transmission f uid change. A new oil level sight glass saves time as well, allowing technicians to tell at a glance if the transmission lube level is suff cient. On the engine side, the SmartAdvantage powertrain marked the introduction of new ISX15 SmartTorque2 ratings, providing a fully adaptive torque curve that adjusts the level of performance based on mass, grade and transmission capability. This allows operators to stay in top gear longer by providing an additional 200 lb.-ft of torque in the top two gears when needed. The ISX15 also features a Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) capability, which provides only the power needed to get up to speed, discouraging drivers from wasting fuel by over-accelerating. The heightened level of communication and trust between Eaton and Cummins made the collaboration possible. "It drove a lot more frequent communication and more sharing of information than we would do in any other situation," Erdmann said. Eaton was even recognized by Cummins with a Top Supplier award in May 2014. Expanding Applications When initially launched in 2013, the SmartAdvantage powertrain was offered with two ratings: the 415 hp ST2 with 1,450/1,650 lb.-ft. of torque and the 450 ST2 with 1,550/1,750 lb.-ft. of torque. But in late 2014, f eets can expect the ISX15 SmartAdvantage to be approved for Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings of up to 110,000 lbs., signif cantly expanding its applicability — especially in mountainous regions and in Canada, where heavier loads are often pulled. Eaton and Cummins also announced that SmartAdvantage will be released with the ISX12 engine, bringing further savings to weight-sensitive f eets. Eaton transmissions have been mated to Cummins engines for decades, but in 2013, the two companies created the SmartAdvantage powertrain, an integrated system that aims to offer the greatest possible eff ciency. And it was all done at the behest of customers. "This was something our customers were asking for, so it made sense to get together and do something that was focused on fuel economy," said Matt Erdmann, Eaton's program manager for the SmartAdvantage powertrain. An Ambitious Target Realized The SmartAdvantage powertrain brings together the Eaton Fuller Advantage™ Series automated transmission and the Cummins ISX15 engine with SmartTorque 2 ratings. Cummins says its ISX15 is the most fuel-eff cient engine on the market today, all without sacrif cing power. The transmission and engine have been optimized to work together, allowing operators to remain within the engine's "sweet spot." When SmartAdvantage launched, customers were told the combination of ISX15 and the Fuller Advantage transmission could provide fuel savings of up to 3-6% over existing products — an ambitious target that is being realized today. "We're getting very good feedback from customers," said Lori Thompson, Cummins Vice President, Truck and Bus OEM Business. "We have seen cases that exceed the 3-6% claim overall." Customers who have tested out the new powertrain are already responding with the most meaningful endorsement a f eet can give: repeat orders. Erdmann said early adopters of SmartAdvantage are buying more vehicles with the powertrain, citing real-world increases in fuel eff ciency. The fuel savings come in several forms. Eaton's Fuller Advantage automated transmission utilizes a new Precision Lubrication system that cuts oil churn- related parasitic losses to improve powertrain eff ciency. The greater use of aluminum parts combined with the elimination of the oil cooler shaved off 82 pounds from the transmission. The transmission also reduces The Power of Two: Better Effi ciency, More Applications In collaborating on the SmartAdvantage ™ integrated powertrain, Eaton ® and Cummins ® promised f eets a more fuel eff cient powertrain — a promise that has held true with real-world fuel savings, repeat orders, and a stronger relationship than ever between the two companies. SMARTADVANTAGE POWERTRAIN OVERVIEW • Best suited for linehaul applications, the engine cruises at about 1,150 rpm, delivering 3-6% fuel economy improvement while reducing engine noise. • Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) provides smooth, consistent acceleration from launch — reducing driveline wear and improving fuel eff ciency. • The step between ninth and tenth gears is a short 26%, allowing quick, eff cient shifts between the top gears for an unprecedented balance of performance and fuel economy. • The small step gearing combined with the latest software programming allows drivers of various skill levels and experience to match the performance of the most fuel-eff cient drivers in the f eet. SmartAdvantage Powertrain from Eaton and Cummins. ©2014 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. Eaton and Fuller are registered trademarks of Eaton. Cummins and the "C" logo are registered trademarks of Cummins Inc. 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