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JUL 2014

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70 HDT • JULY 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Trailer Update Thermo King T he Precedent S-Series trailer temperature control platform is said to deliver double-digit fuel savings, best-in-class performance, and lower life cycle costs while complying with emissions regulations. The Precedent S-600 meets a variety of transport refrigeration demands with strong pull-down and two-speed evaporator operation. In addition to claimed fuel savings and high performance, this greater-than-25 horsepower single-temperature unit is compliant with California Air Resource Board Ultra-Low-Emissions Transport Refrigera- tion Unit In-Use performance standards. It does not require a diesel particulate filter or engine emissions system. The Precedent S-700 is the only deep frozen reefer unit with shore power capabilities. It can protect phar- maceuticals, fresh seafood, or other deep frozen loads through hot climates. It is fully compliant with EPA Tier IV Final regulations. Thermo King also introduced the X430P compressor that was engi- neered to exceed industry standards for fuel efficiency and longevity. The compressor uses integrated oil filters to reduce leaks and installa- tion time. The company says the compressor's shaft seal design results in 85% improved reliability. Circle 365 on Reader Action Card Or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Trail King I n celebrating its 40th anniversary, Trail King will introduce the All- Aluminum Center Frame Step Deck, model TK80AACS. The company says the trailer provides superior resistance to corrosion. It features all-aluminum framing, armor-coated landing gear, and zinc-plated steel components. Its low deck height allows it to accom- modate taller payloads. It comes in multiple cargo configurations. The company expects to release the trailer to the market this fall. Circle 366 on Reader Action Card Or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Transcraft T ranscraft has expanded its hybrid flatbed offerings. Beam capacity ratings now range from 80,000 to 125,000 pounds evenly distrib- uted and 47,000 to 73,000 pounds in 4 feet. The newest addition to the line is the 474 with 47,000 pounds in 4 feet, 53,000 pounds in 10 feet, or 80,000 pounds evenly distributed. Other models include the 554 with 55,000 pounds in 4 feet, 60,000 pounds in 10 feet, or 93,700 pounds evenly distributed; the 654 with 65,000 pounds in 4 feet, 70,000 pounds in 10 feet, or 110,400 pounds distributed; and the 737 with 73,000 pounds in 4 feet, 80,000 pounds in 10 feet, or 125,000 pounds distributed. All Transcraft hybrid platform trailers are shot blasted prior to applying primer and paint. With ultra-high-zinc epoxy primer, galvanic coating, and automotive-grade Valspar acrylic paint, the trailers are said to be corrosion-resistant. Circle 367 on Reader Action Card Or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Utility A new shallow roll-up door header for Utility's stainless steel rear door frame provides increased vertical clearance for forklifts and high payload capacity. The new door is available for both the 3000R and 4000D-X Composite, and with a Whiting roll-up door only. The 3000R's increased opening height is up to 5 inches with an 8-inch header and 2-inch door, depending on the insu- lation package. The 4000D-X Composite offers a 1-3/4-inch higher rear door opening. Utility also announced a product update on the 4000D-X Composite dry van. The company is adding a steel wall front lining to the existing design that currently consists of extruded aluminum cover posts, four 2-inch-deep steel posts and four steel tees welded to the approach plate turn up. The two 0.016-inch Grade 80 galvanized steel panels are pre-painted white with rolled edges. A 14-inch-high, galvanized steel Grade 80 wearband has been added for extra protection from impacts. The steel front wall lining is standard on all 4000D-X Composite trailers. Utility announced that Hendrickson's new Ultraa-K air slider system is now standard on new orders of Utility's 3000R refrigerated trailer beginning with July 2014 production. Engineered with an optimized strength-to-weight ratio and heavy-duty slider box, the Ultraa-K is said to be stronger than other standard and heavy-duty 40K slider models. The suspension features a Zero Maintenance Damping design and a Quik-Draw slider repositioning system. Circle 368 on Reader Action Card Or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Wabash National W abash National recently debuted an ultra-lightweight DuraPlate dry van trailer weighing less than 11,000 pounds. The trailer is constructed of aluminum high-performance compos- ite materials, and lightweight coupler, hubs, drums, and spring suspension. It features bonded sidewalls that eliminate more than 100 rivets per seam. This reduces trailer weight and reduces potential leak paths. The company also announced that it is continuing to expand its sales and service locations, recently adding new dealers TEC Equip- ment on the U.S. West Coast and Mezz Trailer in Australia. n Circle 369 on Reader Action Card Or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com

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