Heavy Duty Trucking

JUL 2014

The Fleet Business Authority

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Firestone air springs give you increased ride comfort, longer life for your truck parts, and fewer worries about inspections and cargo. Not to mention decidedly less pain in the butt. WIN A SET OF TIRES! Visit RideFirestoneAirSprings.com/HDT for a chance to win a free set of tires for your personal vehicle. PERFORMANCE. RELIABILITY. COMFORT. ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST A PAIN IN THE BUTT. Circle 140 on Reader Action Card 76 HDT • JULY 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Retread Your Way to Prosperity Thorough casing inspections and shearography ensure retreads have adjustment rates as low as or lower than new tires. prospect of getting a decent credit for their casings could also be a factor. "All fleets, regardless of size, are looking for ways to save money and retreads still offer that opportunity," says Boarts. For some very small fleets that don't have a tire/retread inventory, due to the shortage of casings during the past couple years, availability of caps and casings has been limited, which might have forced these fleets into buying more new tires." Each fleet has its specific require- ments of what it is looking for in a retread, Boarts adds. "It depends on the fleet's type of operation, casing management ability, turnaround time, level of dealer service, on-line report- ing needs, and fleet location. There's a lot to consider when determining what part of a fleet's replacement program will be in the retread area." In addition to the tires themselves, retreaders are constantly improving their procedures and adding services, including automated tracking systems to simplify tire management. "Goodyear's GTR ACS system, which is available through the Good- year Authorized Retread network, uses bar codes to track the progress of a casing through the retread process," says Labbe. "After a tire has been retreaded, GTR ACS provides fleets with data about their retreads in the form of easy-to-understand reports." Ironically, this is just the kind of tracking capability some smaller fleets lack that would help them prove the ROI of a retreading program. "The larger fleets know retreads will save at least 50% over the acqui- sition cost of new tires," says Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the Retread Tire Association. "On top of that, when you have an adjustment rate as good as or better than that of a new tire, they'd have to be out of their minds not to use retreads." But old stereotypes are hard to kill, including that of crummy retreads, which probably dates back to World War II when rubber was in very short supply and retreaders had little to

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