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JUL 2014

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80 HDT • JULY 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Bonnes notes the reports also allow them to compare different brands. "You can see for different makes of trucks running in the same type of op- eration if the cost of maintenance and parts is higher for one or the other." The real payoff, however, has come in warranty management. In early 2013, TMW assigned industry and product expert Dave McLaughlin to guide Superior Bulk Logistics through the process of taking TMT Fleet Maintenance to the next level in their operation. "They needed to know how to set up warranty management functions in the software so they could auto- matically track and recover warranty for in-house and outside repairs, and new and replacement parts," McLaughlin explains. "Together, we built a year's worth of information in the software, part by part, for all original equipment, extended and re- placement part warranties on tractors, trailers, and more than 1,000 active components." The software uses the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) coding system developed by the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations. VMRS codes helped make sure parts replaced by outside service providers would be flagged Bonnes notes the reports also allow Tech Bytes Navman adds e-logs, inspection forms N ew options available from Navman Wireless help streamline compliance reporting. The company's OnlineAVL2 vehicle tracking system now includes an electronic driver log and driver vehicle inspection report forms that can be filed electronically ei- ther online or with the Navman M-Nav 800 in-cab display terminal. www.navmanwireless.com App connects shippers, carriers A new app allows shippers and carriers to receive real-time status and location updates on shipments by using the GPS capabilities of the driver's smartphone. CrossFleet's Locate app can track GPS location data from all driver cell phones and display that information on smartphones and tablets via the mobile app or an online dashboard. www.locateapp.com Advanced reports and dashboards from Webtech Wireless W ebtech Wireless has enhanced its reporting capabilities with new Advanced Reports and Dashboards. These provide intelligent data to help fleet managers focus on key performance indicators and identify critical issues that impact operations. Sorting, filtering, and maneuvering capabilities let users easily compare and analyze key performance indicators in a single interface. The extracted data is viewable from the web or can be exported into a PDF, Microsoft Excel, and other digital forms. www.webtechwireless.com Technicians use barcoded parts and VMRS codes instead of handwriting repair orders, which saves considerable time and money. Latest tech News for warranty coverage with the same transparency as parts used internally by Superior Bulk Logistics shops. Now, the TMT software alerts a mechanic if a potential repair should be done as a warranty repair. "The mechanic on the floor can see what the warranty coverage is, or if that same repair was already done in a certain period of time," Shafer ex- plains. "Then we can make a decision — that truck is under warranty so let's get it to a dealer, or if it's out of warranty, let's go ahead and fix it." Hudson notes that before they implemented this system, "we were not able to determine the value of our warranty coverage." But in the first full month they had the warranty management capability, Superior recovered $60,000 in warranty costs, according to Hudson. "From January to the end of May, we recovered more than $300,000 in warranty savings, which is a very good thing." Read more about Superior's imple- mentation experience online at www. truckinginfo.com/Superior-TMT.

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