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JUL 2014

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84 HDT • JULY 2014 www.truckinginfo.com EquipmentReport Philips LED Replacement Headlamps P hilips Automotive North America has LED headlamps that will replace traditional 5- by 7-inch rectangular and 7-inch round sealed- beam headlights. They deliver precise illumination and a bright white 5600-Kelvin light output that is close to the color temperature of daylight. The complex reflector design opti- mizes and evenly distributes light in an ideal beam pattern while reducing glare. LED lamps will last up to 50 times longer than standard incandes- cent headlamps, Phillips said. The headlamps are built with a mili- tary-grade, die-cast aluminum housing for durability, the polycarbonate lens prevents yellowing and scratching, and a hardened epoxy coating resists vibration and shock. The waterproof, breathable design allows heat to escape and prevents condensation. Circle 349 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Alkane Propane- Powered LCFs A lkane Truck Co., a new builder of Class 7-8 trucks in Myrtle Beach, S.C., has released propane-autogas- powered low-cab-forward Class 6 and 7 trucks. They'll be in two models: P-26, rated at 26,000 pounds GVW, and P-33, rated at 33,000-pounds. Trucks are powered by the Ford Triton 6.8-liter, 3-valve V-10 engine and equipped with a bi-phase liquid direct injection pro- pane fuel system. The announcement comes after many years of research and develop- ment and a substantial investment by its parent company, Noble Automo- tive Group, Alkane said. The trucks will be available through a network of qualified dealers. Circle 350 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com IPA Light Socket Restore Kit I nnovative Products of America added a Light Socket Brush Kit to its line of electrical tools. The four- piece kit includes 2 brushes -- brass for light and medium corrosion and stain- less steel for severe corrosion – a set of 20 industrial-grade cotton Swab-Eez, and a 2-mililiter tube of DeoxIT Cleaner for remov- ing oxidation and enhancing electrical contact points. Each brush features an ergonomi- cally designed handle and a tufted end that completely cleans the side and bottom walls of the socket with one pass. They are ideal for 1156/1157 light bulb sockets and for cleaning 5/8- to ¾-inch bores. Circle 347 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Royal Purple Synthetic Lubes D uralec synthetic commercial lubricants from Royal Purple include heavy-duty motor oils, transmission f luids, gear oil, multi- purpose grease, coolant additive, tractor f luids, hydraulic f luids and diesel additives. The maker said they have premium additive pack- ages to deliver protection and peak performance. The Duralec synthetic motor oils are Super, for EPA 2007 and diesels requiring the use of emissions com- pliant oil, and Ultra, fortified with zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additives and a proprietary Synerlec additive to provide oxidation stability that extends drain intervals and mini- mizes harmful oil degradation. Royal Purple said its Duralec Automatic and Manual transmis- sion f luids and Gear Oil all have long-life and component protec- tion properties for on- and off-road vehicles and machinery. Circle 348 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Ken-Tool Wheel-Weight Hammer K en-Tool said its Universal Wheel Weight Hammer speeds up removal and installation of clip-on wheel weights on light- and heavy- duty truck wheels. The hammer is 12 inches long and features a strong fiberglass handle with a shock resistant, ergonomic grip, and a 2.5-pound cast steel head with a non-marring, replaceable polyvinyl strike face. The hammer's greater mass and large strike face allows a technician to install a wheel weight with a single blow. The Ken-Tool hammer works with lead, zinc and steel clip-on wheel weights. The mar-free strike face protects the surface of aluminum wheels and chrome plated steel wheels from damage caused by an errant hammer strike. Circle 345 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Accuride Accu-Flange A ccuride's Accu-Flange wheels have a protective treatment ap- plied to the surfaces of the flange most prone to wear and damage from tire-wheel friction in heavy-haul, shifting-load and frequent stop- start applications. The protective treatment bonds to the alumi- num substrate, Accuride said, forming a barrier that reduces abrasion between the tire wall and wheel rim. It's available for many popular aluminum wheels ranging from the 19.5 x 7.5-inch 40160 to the 24.5 x 8.25-inch 40550 models. Accu-Flange wheels are available in three finishes: SP (standard pol- ish), XP (extra polish) and multi- protection Accu-Armor. Accu-Flange treatment is warranted for two years from the date of manufacture. Circle 346 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com

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