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9 ON-HIGHWAY TRANSMISSION NEWS Advantage package is the powerful and reliable PACCAR ® MX-13 engine, which is now optimized to work in concert with the new Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission. The combination revs up performance and drivability, helping drivers get the most out of their fuel tank. The powertrain takes into account a number of factors, including grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position to ensure precise, smooth and effcient shifting. The result is a lighter weight and more fuel-effcient combination that provides excellent performance and can shave up to 2% 3 off your fuel bills. Simply put, it's the most fuel effcient powertrain ever offered in a PACCAR linehaul truck. Visit www.kenworth.com or see your Kenworth dealer for more information. Peterbilt Available in the APEX package, Peterbilt and Eaton have collaborated to create a fully integrated powertrain that delivers superior performance and provides a 4% improvement in fuel economy 4 . The PACCAR MX-13 engine and Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission share critical data, including engine torque and operating gear. Precise engine and transmission communications are combined with proprietary control logic to further enhance down-speeding in both overdrive and direct drive, which maximizes fuel economy. This powertrain simplifes operation for both new and experienced drivers, with smooth, automated shifting that makes driving easier. Visit www.peterbilt.com or contact your Peterbilt dealer for more information on the MX-13 APEX package. 1 Compared to a 2013 ISX15 with an UltraShift PLUS LAS transmission. 2 Compared to a 2011 ProStar MaxxForce 13 with a 10-speed manual transmission. 3 Compared to a 2013 T680 MX-13 with an UltraShift PLUS LAS transmission. 4 Compared to a 2013 Model 579 MX-13 and UltraShift PLUS transmission. one-third less than what's needed in traditional transmission designs - saving feet owners money every time a transmission fuid change is required. A new oil level sight glass allows for routine oil checks to be performed at a fraction of the time previously required. Cummins ® Cummins and Eaton have joined together to deliver fully-integrated powertrains with unprecedented performance and fuel economy. The SmartAdvantage Powertrain takes the effciency of the Cummins ISX15 and ISX12 engines with SmartTorque2 (ST2), and combines them with the smooth-shifting Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission for 3-6% better fuel economy 1 for the ISX15 and 2-4% fuel economy improvement for the ISX12. The engines and transmissions share critical data, determining the torque required to deliver the power level drivers need. Error-free, guess- proof shifting makes every driver in your feet as effcient as your best driver — so you save more money on every haul. Learn more at www.smartadvantagepowertrain.com International ® Get up to 5% better fuel economy 2 with the Navistar N13 and Fuller Advantage automated powertrain that is now available in ProStar ® linehaul and regional haul tractors. Built for your job and to your spec, the optimized engine and transmission communications, intelligent shifting and downspeeding allows the engine to operate at lower revolutions per minute (RPM) and use less fuel without sacrifcing performance. Gear Selection Logic knows the correct starting gear and when to skip shift to maximize fuel effciency and keep drivers focused on where it should be: the job. Visit www.internationaltrucks.com or see your local International dealer for more information. Kenworth The heart of the Kenworth T680 Eaton collaborates with leading truck and engine manufacturers to develop powertrains that meet feet operators' needs and demanding standards, including: • Performance when you need it • Improved fuel effciency • Comfortable drivability • Everyday reliability and durability • Safety for driver and surroundings Through these relationships, Eaton is able to offer feets optimized powertrains regardless of which truck brands operate in your feet. Eaton Fuller Advantage™ Automated Transmission It's the newest in automation, built by the industry's most iconic transmission manufacturer, the Eaton Fuller Advantage Series 10-speed automated transmission, which marries the benefts of a direct drive transmission with those offered in an overdrive confguration. Small-step technology (a 26% step between 9th and 10th gear) allows down-speeding in overdrive and effciency in direct drive that keeps the engine in the "sweet spot" when paired with rear axle ratios in the 2.64 to 3.08 range (depending on tire size and desired cruise speed). The new Fuller Advantage Series utilizes a new Precision Lubrication system that cuts oil churn-related parasitic losses to improve powertrain effciency. With less heat being generated, the Fuller Advantage transmissions do not require a cooler, and corresponding lines and fttings. The result is less preventive maintenance required while engine fans cycle less, further reducing horsepower demand. The strategic use of aluminum parts, combined with the elimination of the oil cooler and lines, shave off up to 82 pounds from the system. The innovative design improvements mean that owners and operators will enjoy the long-term benefts of reduced maintenance costs with every mile. Only 16 pints of oil is required — about Integrated Powertrains: Meeting Today's Demanding Standards Regardless of your truck brand preference, Eaton ® is your powertrain partner.

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