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10 ON-HIGHWAY TRANSMISSION NEWS Transmission Spotlight If a feet were to chart the miles per gallon (MPG) of its drivers using a line graph, with the number of drivers along the side axis and MPG along the bottom, it would likely appear as a bell curve, with the majority of drivers falling somewhere in between the best and worst performers and the most fuel-effcient drivers — the minority — appearing on the far right. There may be some 6 MPG drivers on the far left of the chart and some 8 MPG drivers on the right. But in most cases, the majority of drivers will fall somewhere in between, representing the hump of the bell curve. Unfortunately, those highly sought 8 MPG drivers are often the minority, and it's estimated the fuel consumption variance between a 6 MPG driver and an 8 MPG driver is as much as $20,000 per year. Looking at it another way, if the 6 MPG driver is burning through $20,000 more fuel in a year than the 8 MPG driver, a feet — assuming a 5% proft margin — may have to generate $400,000 in additional revenue to make up the difference. So: $20,000 fuel cost / 5% proft margin = $400,000 additional revenue With that in mind, there's little wonder why more feets are looking to Eaton automated manual transmissions to help them improve their feet-wide fuel economy. For example, the Eaton UltraShift PLUS series comes in 47 models Smashing the Bell Curve With the UltraShift ® PLUS and Fuller Advantage™ Series automated transmissions, inexperienced drivers can be as fuel-effcient as a feet's most seasoned veterans Fleet A Fleet B Not a scientifc representation.

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