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1 ON-HIGHWAY TRANSMISSION NEWS ON-HIGHWAY TRANSMISSION NEWS CONTENTS Up for the Challenge With 1,500 trucks in feet, Challenger Group of Companies has been using automated transmissions since 2009 and has so far seen numerous benefts, from reduced driver fatigue to safety improvements. 2 Warming up to Automation Getting driver buy-in to automation can be tough, but at CTI drivers have moved from being skeptical to now preferring these new transmissions. 4 Smashing the Bell Curve Through ease of use, Eaton's automated transmissions can make some of your most inexperienced drivers look like your most seasoned drivers by making shifting less complicated — and fuel economy gains even easier. 10 SPECIAL EDITION Why Integrated Powertrains? Through collaborations with leading truck and engine manufacturers, Eaton and its partners are developing optimized powertrains so feets can choose a solution that best fts their needs — regardless of which truck brands they prefer. 8 The Automated Evolution For decades, Eaton ® has been refning its automated transmissions. From AutoShift ® to UltraShift ® to now UltraShift ® PLUS and the Fuller Advantage™ Series automated transmission, the latest generation of technology offers more benefts and fexibility than its predecessors ever could before. 6 FPO FPO A Competitive Comparison The Eaton automated transmissions aren't the only ones out there. But in comparing competitor products, it's clear that Eaton is leading the way. Compare four transmissions side by side and see what the UltraShift PLUS is up against. 13 Spec'ing the Right Transmission A Roadranger ® expert outlines how this service network partners with customers in spec'ing the right transmissions for on-highway feets. From realities to priorities, there's a lot to consider. 12

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