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TC10 always seemed to know what to do, and did it well. I played around a little with the selector's up- and down-arrow buttons to effect up- and downshifts, but mostly I left it alone. This was not much of a pull because the short Vanguard demo trailer wasn't heavy. Our GCW was about 56,000 pounds, but sometimes equipment that's not sorted out will not work well under light loads. But this powertrain worked very well together. Shifts were smooth, though I did feel a thump or two under moderate throttle conditions. It was nothing objectionable, but maybe some tuning was in order, because I didn't feel any thumping in the other ProStar up in suburban Chicago. Applications for the TC10 The TC10 will not replace Allison's traditional 6-speed 4000 and 4500 RDS (rugged duty series) automatics that see on/off-road service in straight trucks. The 4000 HS (highway series) works well for some heavy on-high- way applications but is not a good fit for long-haul road tractors, Allison people acknowledge. This is where the TC10 automatic can come in. Only Navistar currently offers the TC10. While it also sells Eaton automated and manual gearboxes and Allison's traditional automatics, it doesn't have a proprietary auto- mated transmission, so the TC10 fits nicely. Steve Gilligan, Navistar's vice president of product and vocational marketing, says the TC10 is priced at 15–20% more than Eaton Ultra- Shift products, which in turn are $4,500–$6,000 more than compa- rable manuals. Allison people say they're talking with other builders about adding the TC10 to their options lists. A good prospect might be Paccar, owner of Kenworth and Peterbilt, which also does not have a proprietary automated or automatic transmission. Paccar partners with Cummins and Eaton for several products, and, of course, offers 5- and 6-speed Allisons in medium- duty trucks and heavy vocational models, so adding the TC10 might be a logical step. Less likely to bite on the TC10 are Volvo and Mack, which have their own I-Shift and mDrive automated gearboxes (but do offer traditional Allison automatics). Volvo also uses UltraShifts on a limited basis, but www.parker.com/racor 1 209 521 7860 racor@parker.com GreenMAX and Aquabloc are trademarks of Racor Division, Parker Hannifi n Corporation. © 2014 GreenMAX TM is a modular platform that let's you customize fi ltration and fuel delivery options. At the heart of the system is Aquabloc ® – engineered media that dramatically extends service intervals. For all-season performance, GreenMAX features both electric heaters and a patented technology that blends hot fuel from the engine with cold fuel from the tank. There's more to GreenMAX – g et the full story online at parker-racor.com/greenmax Together, we can deliver high performance filtration for the long haul. Circle 136 on Reader Action Card both brands prefer to sell their own powertrain products. Daimler has its own DT12 automated transmis- sions as well as UltraShift options, but Freightliner, its volume brand, has shown willingness to offer vendor components, so maybe it'll give a nod to this Allison product. n www.truckinginfo.com AUGUST 2014 • HDT 41

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