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AUG 2014

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to another. And Knight said the agency's supporting documents pro- posal requires too many documents. "It is our experience that enforce- ment generally relies on no more than two to three supporting documents," Knight said. YRC Worldwide, the holding com- pany for less-than-truckload carriers YRC Freight, Holland, Reddaway and New Penn, said it supports the ELD mandate because it will improve overall industry compliance with the hours of service rule. But compliance is not an issue for YRC Worldwide carriers because they operate between fixed terminals and supervisors monitor the start and finish of their drivers' shifts, the company said. The process of implementing ELDs will be complicated and time-con- suming, YRC said. For this reason, the agency should give carriers three years, rather than the proposed two years, to make the transition. Enforcement concerns The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which represents the police who enforce the rule, is concerned about the schedule for compliance. The agency's four-year plan will complicate enforcement, CVSA said. During the first two years, there will be three ways to keep track of hours: on paper, with grandfathered automat- ic onboard recording devices, and with ELDs. Carriers that use paper logs will have to plug in ELDs at the end of two years, but those that use AOBRDs or pre-rule ELDs will have another two years to bring their systems into compliance with the mandate. CVSA is proposing that there be a three-year grace period for all carriers. "In this scenario, any existing electronic devices for recording driver RODS would no longer be permit- ted after the third year," CVSA said. That would give suppliers time to meet the demand, carriers to budget the change and enforcement agencies to train their staff. CVSA also wants the agency to be since deregulation in 1980. The Alliance urged the agency to stick with an accelerated implementa- tion schedule, and to drop its plan to require carriers to have a printer at- tached to each ELD. Carriers should be able to use printers if they want to, but they should not be mandated, the Firestone air springs give you increased ride comfort, longer life for your truck parts, and fewer worries about inspections and cargo. Not to mention decidedly less pain in the butt. WIN A SET OF TIRES! Visit RideFirestoneAirSprings.com/HDT for a chance to win a free set of tires for your personal vehicle. PERFORMANCE. RELIABILITY. COMFORT. ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST A PAIN IN THE BUTT. Circle 140 on Reader Action Card Alliance said. Two Alliance members, J.B. Hunt and Knight Transportation, stressed concern about the printer require- ment in separate comments. Hunt also suggested that the agency consider ways to allow HOS data to be transferred from one ELD 48 HDT • AUGUST 2014 www.truckinginfo.com SPECIAL REPORT

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