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AUG 2014

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automatic logging systems, echoed carrier concerns about the require- ment that carriers use printers to display log data. The initial purchase cost to the industry for printers would be almost $900 million, with annual operating costs of almost $165 million, People- Net said. A less expensive alternative would be to make printers optional for carriers and equip weigh stations and police cruisers with the devices, the company said. Omnitracs, which provides a widely used hours of service tracking system for long-haul carriers, listed a number of technical concerns. Among them: the proposal's require- the agency's cost-benefit analysis is deficient. It said the analysis does not address the question of who should bear the cost of ELDs, and it contains no credible data on the relationship between ELDs and hours-of-service compliance. Safety advocates approve Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety endorsed the proposal, saying it is long overdue, but had concerns about some of the details. One issue is that the proposal permits portable ELDs that drivers could manipulate to skirt the hours of service rules, Advo- cates said. The group wants the agency to require ELD systems to have data stor- age that is hard-wired to the engine, so that the truck's operation is logged whether or not the portable portion of the system is activated. Advocates also cautioned against allowing log data to be transmitted through the carrier or an intermediary, rather than stored in the ELD. "Each individual with the capabil- ity to modify a record represents an additional opportunity for the data to be altered or falsified," the group said. In addition, the proposal should include stiff penalties for violations, Advocates said. "The entire premise of the rule will be undermined unless motor carriers and drivers have a strong incentive to comply." Advocates also questioned the agency's cost calculations. It said that the estimated cost of adding ELDs to existing fleet management systems is too high, as is the estimate of a monthly printer cost of $153. Response from ELD suppliers ELD suppliers support the mandate but have concerns about a number of provisions. PeopleNet, a leading provider of Spec the system now. Learn more at danacv.com/advantek40 Spicer ® AdvanTEK ® 40 Tandem Axle SPL ® 250/350 Driveshafts The system with greater merit Withstands 30 PERCENT HIGHER input torque More than 2 percent IMPROVED EFFICIENCY Up to 21 POUNDS LIGHTER than a standard axle Tested to perform for a MILLION MILES In an ever-changing industry, Dana keeps on charging ahead. We have engineered the Spicer ® AdvanTEK ® 40 tandem axle and the SPL ® 250/350 driveshafts with innovative technologies to become the most durable, reliable system available for downsped engines in Class 8 commercial vehicles. In line with industry trends and geared for tomorrow, let our complete solution take your truck to the highest level of effciency. Circle 226 on Reader Action Card 50 HDT • AUGUST 2014 www.truckinginfo.com The initial purchase cost to the industry for printers would be almost $900 million, with annual operating costs of almost $165 million. – PeopleNet SPECIAL REPORT tracking system for long-haul carriers, listed a number of technical concerns. Among ments for data transfer use technolo- gies that are not easily adaptable or available for police. Another provider, Drivewyze, said the agency should cut back its list of communications options to make it easier for police. The key options are printers and web services, the com- pany said. Email is redundant and USBs have operational limitations. What's next The agency will review these com- ments, make any changes it believes are necessary and post a final rule. The rule probably will not emerge until next year. There is a bill in Congress that would require the agency to act by the end of next January. But the bill may not pass before then, and in any event the issues set forth in these comments are likely to require many months of study before the agency is ready to go. n

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