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116 HDT • SEPTEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com EquipmentReport the tractor. The sockets also feature an automatic disconnect and anti- corrosion features, as well as all the necessary hardware for installation. Circle 343 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com SmartTruck TopKit 'near-invisible' aero improvement for trailers S martTruck's new TopKit aerody- namic device is a "nearly invisible" system for improving fuel efficiency on dry-van and refrigerated trailers. The system consists of an aero rain guard component that runs along the top rear-edge of a trailer, as well as two side fairing components on the rear-side edges. The TopKit is about 1-inch thick and weighs 72 pounds and provides a SmartWay-verified 5.5% fuel savings, according to the manufacturer. The system works on trailers equipped with either swing or roll-up doors, as well as with straight trucks, and it does not require driver involvement or have any moving parts. The design of TopKit also eliminates the increased heating of tires and brakes that can result from the use of underside-based systems, while also reducing the opportunity for damage from dock or intermodal operations. Circle 344 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Rand McNally expands HD 100 compatibility R and McNally announced soft- ware improvements to the HD 100 E-Log device, expanding its compatibility with more devices and platforms. The update adds compli- ant E-Logs to tablets, smartphones and Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND GPS devices. The HD 100 will be able to tie together those devices into a mobile f leet manage- ment solution dependent on the selected service plan. The HD 100 is a small black box that plugs into a truck's on-board diagnostic port and records GPS positioning along with other vehicle specific information and driving behavior. Circle 346 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Bridgestone offers Firestone steer tire for regional, P&D B ridgestone has released the Fires- tone FS561 radial tire for steering application on re- gional and pickup and delivery applications. It was designed to reduce suscep- tibility to stone retention and drilling. The FS561 features a rugged cas- ing with sidewall protector ribs for resistance to cuts, snags and abrasions from curbing and impacts. It also has 2016 VN Series Volvo Trucks Increase Fuel Efficiency V olvo Trucks recently announced several enhancements to its 2016 VN Series highway tractors designed to improve fuel efficiency compared to previous generations, including changes to both aero- dynamics and powertrains. The bumper, chassis and roof fairings of 2016 VN models were adjusted to reduce air turbulence and improve airflow under the truck, around tires and over the trailer gap, increasing fuel effi- ciency up to 3.5%. Powertrain enhancements were made through adaptive gearing and torque management, which could improve fuel efficiency by up to 2.5%. Volvo will also be offering an XE-Adaptive Gearing package that optimizes fuel efficiency whether a truck is fully loaded or empty. Circle 345 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com

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