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FuelSmarts s 42 HDT • SEPTEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Tom Berg • Senior Editor Security's tight at Achates Power Inc. in San Diego, where you don't just walk into the light-industrial building and expect a tour of the labs — caution that's common where R&D is under way. Before getting beyond the lobby, I had to prove that I'm an American citizen by showing my USA-issued passport. One of Achates' clients is the U.S. Army, which has the company's engineers working on an opposed- piston engine design for possible use in a Hummer- like light/medium-duty utility truck. The military consumes huge quantities of fuel, and much of that has been in distant war zones, like Afghanistan, where fuel has to be shipped in at great expense. It believes the OP engine may be an answer. An OP engine has two pistons per cylinder, facing each other, and a central combustion cham- ber. Explosive fuel burn pushes the pistons apart and their connect- ing rods twist separate crankshafts at each end of the cylinder. Through pulleys and gears, the crankshafts transfer their power to a single output shaft. Ports in the cylinders allow entry of air and expulsion of exhaust gases, and pistons compress and fire every time they meet — a two-stroke design, made famous by General Motors and Detroit diesels starting in Truck users can look forward to 30% better fuel economy at 10% lower production cost, says Achates Power. Opposed-piston truck diesels about five years away A slant-three-cylinder/six-piston OP diesel has its turbocharger, EGR cooler, particulate filter and oxygen catalyst packaged for installation in a truck's engine compartment. Crankshafts at both ends of the cylinders transfer their power via pulleys and gears to a common output shaft. EGR Cooler Supercharger Crankshaft Charge Air Cooler Turbocharger DOC/DPF Crankshaft

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