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1 VOCATIONAL TRANSMISSION NEWS VOCATIONAL TRANSMISSION NEWS CONTENTS Loading Up Profts With a 1.5 MPG increase since switching to automated manual transmissions, Bailey Trucking reports other savings as well, from increased tire life to safer driving. 2 5 10 11 SPECIAL EDITION Simplifying Driver Demands Working often in harsh conditions, the Kalamazoo County Road Commission in Michigan is working to ease driver stress by turning to automated transmissions. Get 'Your Turn' Eaton is continuing a company tradition that started in 2012, providing a place for feets to test out UltraShift PLUS transmissions in real-world scenarios at Eaton's Proving Grounds. 8 7 Considerations in Spec'ing a Dump Truck Transmission Here's a short list of items that feets should consider when spec'ing a transmission for dump applications. A Competitive Comparison Eaton automated transmissions aren't the only ones on the market. Review several competing products side by side and you'll see why the UltraShift PLUS is a step above the rest. 13 Spec'ing the Right Transmission A Roadranger ® expert outlines how this service network partners with customers in spec'ing the right transmissions for vocational feets. From realities to priorities, there's a lot to consider. 12 6 Smashing the Bell Curve Eaton's automated transmissions can make some of your most inexperienced drivers look like your most seasoned by making shifting less complicated — and fuel economy gains even easier. You Can Do What With That? With 47 models in the Eaton ® UltraShift ® PLUS lineup, vocational feets can spec their transmissions to their exact needs. 4 Maximizing Control With UltraShift® PLUS The Vocational and Performance Series transmissions in the UltraShift PLUS lineup, provide fexibility for a wide range of operations from severe-duty to steep grade hauling and more.

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