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2 VOCATIONAL TRANSMISSION NEWS Success Story The UltraShift PLUS transmissions in Bailey's feet are a part of the Vocational Construction Series (VCS), which has an overall gear ratio of 20:1, and has been designed with deep reduction gearing and multiple high-speed reverse. This helps feets like Bailey Trucking to best meet the needs of jobs that requires extensive operation in reverse. Result Bailey immediately saw an increase in fuel effciency on trucks with the UltraShift PLUS transmission compared to his torque-converter trucks. "Right now we are seeing 1.5 miles per gallon better fuel consumption," he says. "With 50 trucks, that adds up to signifcant savings." Other benefts of the transmission that Bailey cites includes less wear and tear on the tires, furthering his lifecycle cost savings. "The automatic transmissions have a constant pull — all the time — because torque is constantly being applied to the tires. Conversely, the UltraShift PLUS has a clutch that frees up the wheels whenever you're shifting gears," he says. "We're seeing about 15% longer tire life with the Eaton transmissions. Again, that's signifcant savings." Bailey believes the automated transmissions also contribute to safer vehicle operation because of the two- pedal design that allows drivers to have two hands on the steering wheel at all times. In addition, maneuverability is right where he wants it to be, and so is the service he gets from his Roadranger support team. "Overall, I would have to say that the decision to go with UltraShift PLUS was a very good one," Bailey says, adding that his next truck purchase will defnitely include the Eaton UltraShift PLUS transmission. "The transmissions are defnitely helping us be proftable." With nearly 50 tri-axle and quad-axle dump trucks, Bailey Trucking's daily challenge is getting in and out of demanding job sites safely and as quick as possible — all without breaking any truck components. Based in Yoder, IN, Bailey Trucking does a little bit of everything from commercial work, home building, stockpiling, and road and highway maintenance to spreading driveways for private individuals. Owner Jerry Bailey has a long-standing fondness for dump trucks and started the company in 1981 with just four trucks. Today, his feet includes a mix of Volvo, Sterling and Freightliner nameplates. Due to the severe-duty cycle of his feet, Bailey pays careful attention to how he specs the dump trucks. "When purchasing new trucks, I always get the heaviest heavy-duty rear ends and other components that are the most robust I can fnd so I do not have to worry about breakdowns," Bailey says. Some sites are tougher to maneuver than others, but the trucks must pull through. "We are all about pleasing the customer or contractor," Bailey adds. "Sometimes that means taking their stone and sand into a place that you think you might not be able to get to. But we usually end up getting there — and out of there." Aside from ensuring performance, controlling rising fuel costs and keeping safety risks at a minimum are top concerns for the veteran trucker. To achieve all his goals and remain proftable, Bailey recently decided to experiment with a different type of transmission. Solution As a longtime user of manual and torque-converter automatic designs, Bailey wasn't satisfed with the amount of fuel consumption on the trucks — nor was he satisfed with the premature wear on his vehicles' tires that resulted from the automatics, so he knew it was time for a change. "When we placed an order for new Freightliner trucks, we decided to take a look at the new Eaton UltraShift ® PLUS automated manual transmissions," Bailey says. "We've had them now for six months and have been very much impressed with the performance." Available for linehaul and vocational use, Eaton UltraShift PLUS automated transmissions offer application-specifc performance features and represent a wide range of new customized transmission designs for virtually any given application. All launches and shifts are automated with the use of a self- adjusting electronic actuator for fast, smooth engagements. Loading Up Profts With Eaton® Automation See more success stories at www.Roadranger.com/SuccessStories "The fuel economy we are getting compared to the torque-converter trucks is much better. Right now we are seeing 1.5 miles per gallon better fuel consumption. We're [also] seeing about 15% longer tire life with the Eaton UltraShift PLUS transmissions. With 50 trucks, that adds up to signi cant savings." – Jerry Bailey, Owner, Bailey Trucking

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