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OCT 2014

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b 42 HDT • OCTOBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com tally doesn't reconcile with the amount of light they produce. Truck-Lite says they will last about 30,000 hours — about 10 years of average service for an over-the-road truck. The test procedure was pretty simple. We stopped the truck at the same spot on a dark, deserted stretch of road and took a few photographs they made in night vision. Watching headlamps being as- sembled at Truck-Lite's Falconer, N.Y., plant, I was amazed at the size of the light-producing part of the assembly. There are six LEDs in each assembly, four in the low-beam reflector and two in the high. Each LED is no more than a quarter-inch square, which to- Jim Park • Equipment Editor Because headlamps are something drivers use every night, we arranged with Truck-Lite to see if LED head- lamps are really as good as they are reputed to be. Manufacturers such as Truck-Lite use sensitive instruments to measure light output and the like, but I just wanted to see with my own two eyes what kind of a difference A comparison between a set of standard halogen headlamps and LED headlamps reveals, well, there is no comparison. LED headlights: Night & day QuickSpin Compare the side-of-the-road lighting between both sets of lights on high and low beam. Then notice how the LEDs light the detail at the far end of the road, where the halogen lamps seem to just fade out — even on high beam. The color of the light is important, too. The LED light is closer to that of daylight, rather than the yellowish cast from the halogen lamps. This is exactly as it appeared to me in the tests.

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