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OCT 2014

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EFFICIENT. RELIABLE. AND BUILT FROM THE GROUND UP. See what the Eaton ® UltraShift ® PLUS can do for your fl eet. With the Eaton UltraShift PLUS, you aren't limited to any one chassis, set of speeds, set of ratios or service network. We give you the power to spec for your unique application to get you the competitive edge you need. Get your custom UltraShift PLUS solution today at www.ultrashiftplus.com. QuickSpin on an Interstate highway. The wide roadway and the sloping roadside were beautifully lit. I think what truly made a dif- ference was the color of the light. Truck-Lite says the color temperature of the LED light — the blue to red shift in the light spectrum — is very close to the color temperature of sun- light, around 6,000 degrees Kelvin, compared to halogen at around 4,000 K. Technically, they are not much "brighter," but they sure appear to be because of the color. Interestingly, driving on a busier stretch of two-lane road with oppos- ing traffic, not once did I get a flash of the high beams from oncoming cars annoyed by my brighter lights. I'm told this has a lot to do with the reflector design, which throws light where it's needed -- straight down the road and low and wide — rather than into the eyes of oncoming drivers. While they are considerably more expensive up front than halogen headlamps, LEDs will long out-live the first service life of the truck and will give drivers night lighting like they have never seen before. n from inside the cab to illustrate the difference between the two sets of headlights. We used the same Freightliner Cascadia day-cab, which underwent a headlamp transplant between the test runs. We replaced the entire halogen assembly with a module containing the LED lights. The photos were taken with the same camera using the same settings, so the camera's exposure controls were nullified and would not affect the outcome. The settings for all the photos are as follows: Canon 5D in Manual mode; 24 mm focal length, ISO 400, 15-second exposure, man- ual white balance. In other words, what you see in the photos is what the camera saw; no digital trickery was applied after the fact. What jumped out at me imme- diately was detail visible just off the road, where the trees are on the left in the LED photos. They were not even visible with the halogens. That gives a driver a real edge when it comes to spotting wildlife lurking at roadside or catching signage in the distance. The difference was equally obvious Truck-Lite's senior vice president and chief technology officer, Brad Van Riper, supervises the headlamp changeover between the test runs at the company's Falconer, N.Y., assembly plant. www.truckinginfo.com

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