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OCT 2014

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www.truckinginfo.com Circle 254 on Reader Action Card also recommended for use in select engines from Caterpillar, Daimler, Detroit Diesel and MAN, according to Chevron. Circle 344 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Quantum back-of-cab CNG system Q uantum Fuel Systems and Main- stay Fuel Technologies will offer back-of-cab compressed natural gas systems for heavy-duty trucks as part of an alliance between the two com- panies. The back-of- cab CNG system will integrate Quantum's 21-inch- diameter tanks with Mainstay's module designs and will be capable of incorporating as many as five of Quantum's Q-Lite tanks. Quantum Testing also showed a 0.7% fuel economy savings compared to a 15W- 40 for Class 8 on-highway opera- tions and a 1.9% increase for Class 6 stop-and-start operations — a figure competitive with more expensive syn- thetic oils, company officials said. It will meet a range of OEM requirements for engine oil, includ- ing Kenworth MX, Peterbilt MX, Cummins, Mack and Volvo. It is Eaton Procision medium-duty transmission E aton's new Procision automated transmission for Class 6 and 7 trucks promises car-like drivability with full-manual performance and 8-10% better fuel economy than a torque-convertor-equipped automatic transmission, according to the company. Procision features a dual- clutch design and electronic shifting that uses grade, vehicle weight and throttle input to provide optimal fuel efficiency and smooth, continuous deliv- ery of torque to the drive wheels under all shift conditions. The transmission is a 7-speed set-up rated for up to 660 pounds-feet of torque with direct drive in 5th gear. The overall ratio is 10.13:1, with a ratio of 6.5:1 in first, right up to 0.64:1 in seventh. It weighs 364 pounds and will be available in 26,000- and 33,000-pound ratings, and offers right, left and rear PTO positions. While the base transmission remains the same, it can be electronically programmed to meet the specific demands of dozens of different applica- tions. The new transmission also features Creep Mode for controlled low- speed parking lot and loading dock driving. Drivers can shuttle back and forth between forward and reverse without coming to a stop. There is also enough torque transmitted through the clutch at idle to allow the truck to idle up a 5-8% grade without throttle application. And maintenance intervals are extended to 150,000-mile lube and filter change intervals. Circle 345 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com

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