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NOV 2014

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www.truckinginfo.com NOVEMBER 2014 • HDT 103 and many kinds of resins. Some are pure chemicals and some are propri- etary products, whose makeup may not be known but whose behavior toward materials can be gotten from manufacturers or tested. Type of trailer by material — stain- less steel, rubber-lined steel, alumi- num or fiberglass-reinforced plastic — and a proper washing method for each item is among the information listed. Battelle maintains the database in an outside server, and it's accessible through a user's computer, iPad, tablet or smart phone by going to www. tanktruck.org and clicking into it. "The user will probably be a car- rier's salesman, who decides whether to take the load, or in larger compa- nies, somebody who has something to do with equipment, and he'll make the final call," says Pape. Some listings include hazmat placard codes, and code numbers assigned by Chemical Abstracts Services (another Columbus concern), and the United Nations. An NTCC steering com- mittee is testing it and "so far we've heard no complaints," he reports. Hindin is finishing some features for the database, such as allowing carriers to quiz each other. "Carriers can make comments like, 'I think it damaged my tank,'" Pape says. "Other carriers can respond, 'Yes, it damaged mine.' Barry can review it. In some cases we can test it in the lab." If NTCC continues to fund the project, Battelle will add more and more materials. "A precedent is a handbook for people who put screws and rivets into metal, and need to know how the materials interact," he says. "It was started after World War II when the aircraft and aerospace industry started growing. Battelle has done this for 60 years. That's the vision for this. Long after Barry and I have retired, this will still be going on." NTCC plans to roll out the Liquid Products Database during Tank Truck Week in Houston, with a presentation in mid November. "It's a pretty cool service to offer our members, and for non-members too," who can pay a licensing fee to use it, says Furth. "Each of our 240 fleets sometimes encounter a chemi- cal it may not know about. When you lose a $110,000 asset, it's, 'Who screwed up my trailer?' Or, it's a haul Recruit and Retain with SmartValve ™ TM Drop-and-Hook made Faster, Easier, Safer. Watch the video to learn more at hadleyadvantage.com/smartvalve or call 616.530.1717 Sensor, Electronics and Valve in One Package! 2013 NORTH AMERICAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLE DRIVER SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE CUSTOMER VALUE LEADERSHIP AWARD Drivers Wanted? Circle 159 on Reader Action Card you should probably wash this way to avoid damage." Furth, who earlier worked for Quality Carriers in Wisconsin, suc- cinctly explained the damage in our opening scenario: "When there's an 'ide' in it, it's something that will corrode." ■

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