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NOV 2014

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QuickSpin loading docks and parking lots. When descending any of those grades, the clutch engaged fully and took advantage of what engine- compression retarding there was. The engine won the day against 8% and lower grades, keeping the truck at a reasonable speed in 1st or mostly in the low-speed maneuver- ability category. Most obvious was the performance on hills. We tested the transmission on several grades: 3%, 5%, 8%, 10%, 15% and finally 20%. You won't find many 15% or 20% grades in the real world, but 8% or 10% aren't uncommon around 2nd gear. It was easily overwhelmed by the 10% or higher grades, which forced the engine to request an up- shift to protect itself from overspeed. The torque-convertor-equipped transmission basically just free- wheeled down the hill, and required a pretty stiff brake application to keep it reigned in. The Procision, however, was far more under control. Upward bound, the Procision man- aged to idle up even the 8% grade, mustering enough torque through the clutch plate to maintain forward movement. The automatic managed the 5% grade, but no more. In tight maneuvers, like docking or parking, the Procision transmis- sion "feathers" its clutch to maintain a very low creep speed. Eaton calls this "creep mode," and the actual speed is a customer-programmable parameter. With the engine at idle speed, the degree of clutch engage- ment varies with vehicle speed. It works equally well in forward or re- verse, and toggling between forward and reverse can be done while the vehicle is moving with no adverse effects. It doesn't clunk into the next gear, or require the vehicle to stop completely before initiating the direction change, as is the case with 54 HDT • NOVEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Now is the best time to buy heaters. Don't wait until the next polar vortex hits, prepare for winter with Webasto! Scan for more info Country music sensation, Chelsea Bain knows about life on the road. W arm bunks and pre-heated engines are important whether on tour or in transit. Get your feet ready before winter weather hits. Contact Webasto for no-idle heating options at great fall prices. www.GenuineWebasto.com n 877-9NO-IDLE Circle 252 on Reader Action Card

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