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NOV 2014

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some automated manuals. Finally, on the oval part of the track, we had a chance to see how the transmission worked at speed, under acceleration and deceleration. Shift schedules corresponded to power demand, swinging from low rpm during leisurely acceleration to near red-line under full power accel- eration. Generally, they were on the lower side of 1,600 rpm, which isn't bad for a 6.7-liter engine. I played with the accelerator pedal, alternatively gunning the engine, backing off, braking, etc., to see if I could fool it into a mis-shift. I failed. The Procision found the right gear nearly instantly each and every time. While coasting, Eaton says, the driver has only to tap the brake pedal to initiate a downshift. I found it took a bit more than a tap, 100 LBS. LIGHTER vs Standard Duty Equivalent FORGED ALUMINUM LOW LUBE Technology Mighty. Light. Lose Weight, Not Performance. The HOLLAND FWAL is the lightest and only aluminum fi . Weighing up to 100 lbs. less than the competition, the FWAL increases your bottom line need for grease on the top plate and reduces trucks on the road. Call your SAF-HOLLAND representative at 888.396.6501 or visit www.safholland.us HOLLAND FWAL Aluminum Fifth Wheel © 2014 SAF-HOLLAND, Inc. All rights reserved. Circle 148 on Reader Action Card bordering on a stab, but downshift it did, engaging the engine brake (an exhaust brake in this case) to provide gentle, brake-saving deceleration. Based on these first impressions, the new Procision should be a strong contender in the medium-duty mar- ket. Deliveries begin next July. ■ www.truckinginfo.com NOVEMBER 2014 • HDT 55 On the highway or in urban stop-and-go, Eaton's Proci- sion dual-clutch, 7-speed shifted so smoothly it was barely noticeable. The Procision weighs 364 pounds and will fit nicely into any North American Class 5-7 chassis. It will be available in July 2015.

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