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NOV 2014

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DGEs of CNG to Dillon a year, with new public stations expected to be open in Houston and Midland, Texas, and West Atlanta, Ga., by the end of the year. EUGENE WATER & ELECTRIC BOARD Eugene, Ore. Government/utility fleet With 210 vehicles, 44 of them heavy-duty, the utility has made excellent progress on its 2010 goal to reduce fossil fuel use 50% by 2030. So far it has cut fossil fuels by 21.7%, by using B25-B30 biodiesel and E10 and E85 ethanol blends, reducing idling, removing underuti- lized vehicles and right-sizing ve- hicles for specific duties. It also has an extremely green shop facility. It has reduced fossil based lubricant use by over 56% compared to 2009 and features high-efficiency light- ing, occupancy sensors, radiant floor heating, enhanced building insulation, efficient mechanical systems and on-site wastewater treatment. The shop is 45% more energy efficient than state building energy codes and is certified as a LEED Gold facility. EVER FRESH FARMS TRANSPORTATION Grand Rapids, Mich. For-hire carrier Out of 46 company-owned trac- tors, 37 are 2013 or newer. They have wide-base single tires, full aerodynamic fairings over the fuel tanks, and are Smartway certified. It is testing the new Eaton Smart- Advantage transmission in multiple trucks. A fuel incentive program and idle incentive program reward company drivers for reducing fuel consumption. All 176 trailers (21% dry vans, 79% reefers) are equipped with SmartWay-certified trailer side skirts. In the last two years the fleet has retrofitted 29 reefer units with replacement engines to ensure CARB compliance. In all, 82% of its reefer units are CARB compliant through at least 2016. FEDEX EXPRESS Memphis, Tenn. For-hire carrier The package-delivery giant follows a three-tiered strategy to improve the fuel efficiency of its ground fleets: Reduce, Replace and Revolutionize. It has been reducing the number of vehicles with rout- ing efficiency improvements, and focusing on the right vehicles for the right application, with smaller cargo vans replacing big package trucks in many areas. It's adding 1,900 lightweight Spartan Utilimas- ter "Reach" composite vehicles. The company also has partnered with XL Hybrids to test hybrid-elec- tric vans. It's also testing the elec- tric Nissan e-NV200 cargo van and reportedly is going to be testing an electric-diesel hybrid turbine technology developed by a founder of Tesla Motors. An EcoDrive train- ing program focuses on the driver's role in fuel economy. FEDEX FREIGHT Harrison, Ark. For-hire carrier FedEx Freight is testing LNG, CNG and electric hybrid vehicles. Fuel efficiency initiatives include automated transmissions in more than half of its road tractors, side skirts on more than half of its 28- foot road trailers, and Smartway- certified low-rolling-resistance tires throughout the fleet. It added 100 electric forklifts this summer, bringing the total to 200. A Green Site internal certification process for facilities includes recycling efforts, energy conservation and awareness, environmentally friendly supply ordering and more. FedEx Freight has been recog- nized by the Solar Energy Indus- tries Association as one of the top 20 commercial solar energy users in the U.S. 64 HDT • NOVEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com The Eugene, Ore., Water and Electric Board has made excellent progress on its goal to cut fossil fuel use by 50%.

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