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NOV 2014

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HAWAII ELECTRIC LIGHT Hilo, Hawaii Government/utility fleet All its diesel medium-duty and heavy vehicles have been running on B20 biodiesel since 2006, and several are running on B100. On the light-duty side it's running hybrids, electric vehicles and plug-in elec- tric hybrids. There are two Class 7 diesel-electric hybrids and eight Class 6 Altec plus-in systems. It nearly doubled its consolidated fleet mileage average from 8.66 mpg in 2008 to 16.03 mpg in 2013. H.O. WOLDING Amherst, Wis. For-hire carrier Marketing itself as an environ- mentally friendly regional car- rier, H.O. Wolding updated its tractor fleet to an average age of three years. More than 75% of the 315-truck fleet is Freight- liner Cascadias, and the company has improved fuel mileage and decreased emissions through through smaller-diameter tires, idle reduction policies, proac- tive maintenance programs and improved tire, fuel and oil tech- nologies. Fuel mpg has improved by more than 9% over the last few years. The company has purchased more than 13 million gallons of blended biodiesel fuels since 2008; this year's purchase was up by 33% from last year. HAZMAT ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP Buffalo, N.Y. For-hire carrier This hazardous waste hauler has 155 heavy-duty trucks. All over- the-road tractors use Thermo King TriPac auxiliary power units, and all tractors are equipped with Espar auxiliary heaters. Tractors are governed at 65 mph. Trucks feature aerodynamic roof caps, Alcoa aluminum wheels, Michelin XZA3 steer tires and Michelin XDN2 drive tires for maximum performance. Fuel mileage and idle times are monitored in real time, and a lucra- tive monthly fuel bonus is offered to all drivers that meet their mpg goals. Drivers are offered long haul trips based on their mpg, not their seniority. J.J. TAYLOR DISTRIBUTING FLORIDA Fort Myers, Fla. Private fleet This 300-vehicle beverage dis- tributor now has 65 CNG-powered units, up from 43 in last year's sur- vey, and plans to convert another 30 in December. It has 2 CNG stations, located in Tampa and Fort Myers. The plan is to have 98% of the fleet in the state using CNG within the next three years. Maintenance facilities were up-fitted to handle the maintenance of CNG vehicles at both locations. JNJ EXPRESS Memphis, Tenn. For-hire carrier This 306-truck fleet outfitted 75% of its trailers with side skirts and ATDynamics TrailerTails and 65% with wide-base single tires. All company-powered vehicles have wide-base fuel-efficient tires and auxiliary power units. It's adding Aerotech custom wheel covers to tractors and trailers. Other equipment modifi- cations include moving the trailer license plate up to eliminate drag, trimming the mud flaps to cover just the tire width and closing the top rail on the trailer. New trailers are ordered with a 42-inch kingpin setting to close the gap between tractor and trailer. A seal is placed with the fifth wheel all the way up and drivers are instructed to remove only when not in compliance with state and federal regulations. An L-3 driving simulator is used to teach progressive shifting. Driv- ers that don't meet or exceed 7.5 mpg average are retrained until expectations are met. 68 HDT • NOVEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com JNJ Express fitted 75% of its trailers with side skirts and ATDynamics TrailerTails, as well as 65% with wide-base single tires.

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