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NOV 2014

The Fleet Business Authority

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www.truckinginfo.com concept truck, the Wal-Mart Advanced Vehicle Experi- ence, or WAVE. The rig demonstrates materials and electro-mechanical systems that could help the giant retailer get further toward its goal of doubling fleet efficiency by 2015 (compared to 2005). The futuristi- cally styled tractor was powered by a microturbine- electric hybrid drive system and pulled a trailer made of lightweight carbon fiber. Walmart has road-tested a number of prototype technologies, including hybrid assist, wheel-end hybrid assist, full propulsion hybrid, LNG and CNG. WASTE MANAGEMENT Houston, Texas Private fleet Waste Management has grown its compressed nat- ural gas refuse truck fleet from 400 in 2007 to more than 3,200 CNG trucks in North America today. Looking to the future, 90% of its corporate-wide truck purchases will be natural gas vehicles, an investment surpassing $1 billion. Some of that natural gas is gleaned from landfills. By the end of this year, it will also have 75 nat- ural gas fueling stations throughout North America, 47 of which will allow third-party access. ■ Got a Question? Ask Colin. Visit www.prestonecommand.com By Colin Dilley, PhD Director of Technology How does antifreeze/ coolant (AFC) protect a cooling system and improve a heavy duty vehicle's uptime? Q Antifreeze/Coolant (AFC) protects the heavy duty engine from heat by controlling critical metal temperatures. AFC helps maintain engine temperature and provide the best lubrication and fuel economy. Quality AFC will provide effective inhibition of corrosion for all the cooling system metals through a wide range of temperature extremes. Corrosion protection for the metal components is essential to maintaining effcient system operation and to avoid catastrophic breakdown. The engine is designed to run within a specifc temperature range, too hot or too cold and it is ineffcient. Excessive engine heat can lead to loss of torque, performance and head gasket failure—which can result in additional engine damage. If you want to run at optimum performance, protect engine metals from corrosion, pitting and rusting, it is imperative a quality AFC, such as Prestone Command ™ Extended Life Coolant, is utilized at the appropriate change interval. A CENTER Demystifying the World of Antifreeze / Coolant C E N T E R h e a p p r o p r i a t e c h a n g t Q t i ? A k C l Circle 247 on Reader Action Card Oakhurst Dairy this year replaced 34% of its diesel with biodiesel and is running four hybrid delivery trucks. The Wal-Mart Advanced Vehicle Experience, or WAVE, features futuristic aerodynamics, a turbine-powered range extending series hybrid powertrain, and electrified auxil- iary components.

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