Heavy Duty Trucking

NOV 2014

The Fleet Business Authority

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www.truckinginfo.com through the paint booth, something Dan Szczepanik, global product manager, f leet and manufacturing, at Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, knows well. "Once you have committed to create a brand-worthy paint job with eye-catching graphics, you have taken the positive step for brand pro- motion," says Szczepanik. "But that is just the first step. It's important to use high-quality coatings to provide years of protection against color fade and gloss loss. A few extra dollars spent up front can save thousands over the vehicle's life." The next step, according to Szczepanik, is to ensure that the truck and trailer look is maintained, including repairing damage as soon as it is encountered and creating a regular cleaning schedule. "You can view it as truck mainte- nance or brand maintenance, because they are one in the same," he says. There are a number of steps that need to taken after the look and paint colors are chosen. Compa- nies need to decide whether or not decals will be used at any point, or if a single-stage paint process or basecoat/clearcoat paint system will be applied. "If decals are used, discuss this with the paint manufacturer to determine the amount of time needed before decals can be affixed to a newly painted surface," advises Szczepanik. "There is a lot of labor and time that goes into a good paint job — make sure you choose coatings that can lower labor costs as well as energy use." In the end, the graphic and artistic vision needs to match a company's message, as companies use color as their foundation of a branding strategy, according to Szczepanik. "Color can create emotions, expectations and a promise to the end user. It's much more than pick- ing your favorite color — different colors can elicit different feelings," he explains. "When painting your f leet with your very specific color, it is extremely important that it is the correct color. It has the same strength as a trademark and must be identically matched with a paint that will retain that exact color for years to come." ■ Circle 254 on Reader Action Card Before a truck gets the final look that a company envisions through con- ceptual plans and mock-ups, it must go through a number of prep and paint stages, which could include a single-stage paint process or basecoat/ clearcoat paint system. PHOTOS: SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

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