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10 HDT • DECEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com Thanks for the green Thank you for the invitation to attend the Green Fleet Conference, and the award of being in the Top 50 Green Fleets for 2013 and 2014. It's gratifying knowing our efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Here at Hawaii Electric Light on the Big Island of Hawaii, we're over 50% renewables on our grid (wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal) and we've set a goal of being 92% renew- ables by 2030, just 15 years away. But being the leader in this respect has its challenges, as we're the highest cost electricity in the nation, and not very popular with our ratepayers. We are in need of good publicity, and this award can contribute to that. Kelvin Kohatsu Fleet Administrator Hawaii Electric Light Are phones the problem? In response to our report on Truck- inginfo.com about the National Trans- portation Safety Board calling for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin- istration to ban the use of hands-free mobile phones in trucks: Although in the office now, I owned my own trucks for many, many years. How about if we just ban trucks and then all crashes would be eliminated? I have been driving, talking that primary photos should be at right angles to the vehicles. No cor- ner shots, which could lead to distor- tion of size and placement. The reason for the first three photos is to prove that the dam- age described comes from the same vehicle(s) that had the accident. There are more things to do and this is just a starter. Gil Wortsmann via Truckinginfo.com comments FTR conference takeaways I was reading the latest HDT articles, and came across Deborah Lockridge's, "5 Key Takeaways from FTR Conference." I was at the conference myself and thought it was spot on. It would be good to better under- stand what is driving your statement in item 1. Driver Shortage. You have suggested (and we heard this at the conference as well) that the short- age of people will get worse as more regulations either reduce the driving pool or cut fleet productivity. I believe this is a federal issue, but would like to pose it to the Missouri Chamber of Commerce as a point for them to be looking at and help- ing if possible. Douglas V. Hanley General Sales Manager Orscheln Products LLC Editor's Note: Federal rules such as recent changes to hours of service and increasingly tough driver medi- cal qualifications are prime examples. One area where states may be able to help is in size and weight limit changes to allow more productivity. on the CB, listening to the radio (changing stations), shifting gears, watching traffic, drinking coffee, eating sandwiches and Twinkies, and so forth for a long time. Why my goodness, I am surprised all of us old drivers ever managed without all the new "help and guidance." The problem is not the objects, but the people using them. My own wife closes her eyes when talking on the phone, but at least she knows it and doesn't drive when on the phone. It's the people who are totally off some- where else while going down the high- way that are the issue. If we're going to try to "stupid proof " the entire world, maybe we should start by eliminating some of folks in the Capitol. Ronald Kooyenga Safety Director Diamond Trucking Editor's Note: I can see the day coming when, upon turning on the ig- nition, a "cone of silence" will descend over the driver, and engine function would be contingent on sensors in the steering wheel detecting two warm hands at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. I think what makes using handheld phones truly dangerous are the laws that make them illegal. Now, everyone dialing a phone does so with the phone between their knees. Jim Park Equipment Editor Learning from crashes Editor's Note: In the October issue of HDT, Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge discussed what to do in the aftermath of a serious accident. What I learned at crash recon- struction courses is to take at least three photos. One from far away and then close in on the scene, and try to get the license plate numbers and other identifying information in those photos. All other photos should come later. We also learned o n t h ( c h a n w a t c h e a t i n a n d s m y g o l d d Letters Write to us! Send your letters to Senior Editor Stephane Babcock via email at sbabcock@truckinginfo.com. Letters are subject to editing for length and clarity.

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