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DEC 2014

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The Road Ahead With fuel economy improvements coming across automated and manual transmissions for linehaul, as well as the release of the Procision™ dual-clutch transmission for medium duty that will also give f eets increases in eff ciency, f eets can expect to benef t even more from their Eaton transmissions in 2015. "The bottom line is that in 2015, regardless of your ideal truck specif cation or conf guration or your truck brand aff nity, Eaton truly offers a solution that f ts your needs," Trzybinski says. And of course, every Eaton customer is backed by the Roadranger ® network. "We have exciting new technologies coming — and of course we continue to look for opportunities and expand our portfolio to meet customer needs," Walker adds. "And all that is backed by the support, solutions and service that Eaton has built over the decades and remains so proud of when it comes to customer conf dence." 1 Compared to a 2013 ISX15 with an UltraShift PLUS LAS transmission and to a 2013 ISX12 with an Ultrashift PLUS LAS transmission, respectively. 2 Compared to a 2011 ProStar MaxxForce 13 with a 10-speed manual transmission. 3 Kenworth: Compared to a 2013 T680 MX-13 with an UltraShift PLUS LAS transmission. Peterbilt: Compared to a 2013 Model 579 MX-13 and UltraShift PLUS transmission. In 2014, the truck industry saw several new product offerings from Eaton — but that was just the beginning of a larger mission. Manual or automated, direct drive or overdrive, preferred truck manufacturer, etc., are all choices a f eet typically has to consider when making a transmission choice. But with Eaton in 2015, f eets will be able to make these decisions without compromising to match their needs. Expansions on the Fuller Advantage™ Series, integrated powertrains, natural gas technology, a new medium-duty dual clutch transmission and a now veteran linehaul and vocational lineup with the UltraShift ® PLUS, are just highlights of Eaton's continued presence as an industry leader in just the last year. "With new products in 2015, the need to compromise as a buyer will be less than it has ever been," says Jeff Walker, director of transmissions, product strategy and program management, Eaton. "Some truck manufacturers try to create a one-size- f ts-all powertrain solution. Whereas our mission at Eaton is to give the end user the best possible transmission, regardless of their application or their need. And that's our outlook continuing into 2015; it's around innovation and helping f eets do what they need to do better next year." Automated Transmissions Diversify Taking Fuller Advantage a step further in 2015, Eaton is rolling out overdrive and direct drive variants of the automated transmission. "This is directly in response to customers," says Ryan Trzybinski, commercial transmission development and product planning manager, Eaton. The company cites that automation is helping f eets with driver recruitment challenges. "Driver shortage is def nitely driving our automation sales, and we feel the need to be a leader in this role," Trzybinski says. Also on the horizon, Eaton plans to expand the Fuller Advantage Series to the 110,000-lb. GVWR in the f rst half of 2015. Turning to natural gas, recently released is the Cummins ® Westport™ ISX12 G with UltraShift PLUS and and Fuller Advantage automated as an option for linehaul f eets looking for an automated alternative. This powertrain is generating a lot of interest from f eets and is available at all OEMs including for the f rst time at Mack ® . Integration Moves Forward Integrating the engine and transmission to work eff ciently was something that only the vertically integrated truck OEMs were thought to be capable of. But Eaton, working with three major engine manufacturers, now has three integrated powertrains that use the Eaton Fuller Advantage automated transmission: • SmartAdvantage™ Powertrain, which is integrated with the Cummins ISX15 and now with the ISX12 , offers 3-6% better fuel economy and 2-4% better fuel economy, respectively 1 . This extremely fuel eff cient powertrain can now be ordered at all OEMs. • At Navistar, the integration of the N13 and Fuller Advantage automated transmission delivers a 5% increase in fuel economy 2 . • For PACCAR ® f eets, the MX-13 is also integrated with Fuller Advantage and offers fuel savings of 2-4% 3 . Improving Manuals Eaton foresees that manual transmissions will continue to be widely used in the industry, and plans to make improvements to the lineup. In 2015, the company will launch a Fuller Advantage direct drive transmission. "We've made sure that we're delivering better performance in terms of fuel economy and weight, and also higher reliability to our manual customers," Walker says. "We still see the value in carrying an industrywide package." Setting Transmission Standards: No Compromises Moving into 2015, Eaton ® is on a mission to give f exibility and choice to f eets of every shape and size. See the full transmission lineup at www.Roadranger.com/transmissions Special Advertising Section ©2014 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. EATON'S 2015 HIGHLIGHTS • Direct drive and overdrive options on Fuller Advantage™ automated • Expanded availability of integrated powertrains • Direct drive option on the Fuller Advantage manual transmission • Cummins ® Westport ® ISX12 G with UltraShift ® PLUS and Fuller Advantage automated now available at many OEMs including Mack ® • Procision™, a medium-duty dual clutch transmission that combines the gear eff ciency of a manual with the smooth shifting of an automatic

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