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DEC 2014

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72 HDT • DECEMBER 2014 www.truckinginfo.com W hen the hood is up and you're neck deep in the engine compart- ment, you want to find as few issues to resolve as possible. To minimize this amount, it is best to follow the proactive way of maintaining your truck, which can even begin with the battery. "Today's economy is forcing com- panies to watch their expenses very closely and cut costs where neces- sary," says Brad Bisaillon, director of strategic accounts, North America and Europe, for Trojan Battery. To keep your batteries in tip-top adequate overcharge and must be provided the opportunity to charge sufficiently." Fleet operators must also en- sure that their trucks are outfitted with a battery that has the proper capacity to handle the combined electrical loads. This is a simple fix to effectively power these demands. By reducing or managing the use of inverters to lower the depth of discharge, you can prolong the life of the battery, according to Bisaillon. "Products are available on the market that will disable an inverter at a preset voltage level, whereas oth- ers will become disabled based on a pre-programmed timer that doesn't reset until completing full charge cy- shape and running smooth, you need to take steps to guarantee they are running at their peak performance level. Taking the proper steps The first step, according to Bisail- lon, is ensuring that your truck is outfitted with the right alternator to effectively charge the battery. If not, it could lead to frequent bat- tery replacements. By upgrading a truck's alternator and using a high- performance 500-cycle vs. 250-cycle battery, a fleet could extend the amount of time between battery replacements. "Energy in needs to exceed energy out," he says. "Batteries need Amps & Money Proper maintenance procedures for charging and storage will help extend the service life of heavy-duty batteries. Stephane Babcock • Senior Editor Saving

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