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DEC 2014

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>e MHRe >Hter )\rU TM More... Power. MPG. Profts. 2.*6M Circle 246 on Reader Action Card www.truckinginfo.com DECEMBER 2014 • HDT 93 EquipmentReport Husky DEF hose Husky now offers dispensing hoses for diesel exhaust fluid that are made with black customized peroxide-cured EPDM, a synthetic rubber designed to resist DEF contamination. The hose is offered at any length the customer designates and comes with a brass external crimp ferrule. It is recommended for electric pumps or dispensers and is engineered for dispensing DEF where UL approval is not required. The hose is designed to withstand pressures of up to 50 psi and is supplied without static wire. Circle 344 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Talbert 4050TA trailer Talbert released the 4050TA trailer as part of its Traveling Axle Series for haulers who need a California-legal trailer with a lower deck height to clear bridges and tunnels when trans- porting taller equipment. The new trailer features a 36-inch deck height and a California-legal trailer length. Talbert increased the 4050TA's capac- ity from 70,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds evenly distributed or 50,000 pounds in 10 feet and reduced the lower deck height. The 4050TA has a 7-degree load angle and updated e-chain for air and electrical lines. The e-chain is made from metal for better durability, especially in colder climates. Talbert has also increased the number of keyholes to allow for improved flexibility when drivers tie items down. The trailer also features a piggy-back cylinder with a larger diameter than previous models and a lockable toolbox with a weather re- sistant door seal, upgraded hardware and chain rack. Circle 345 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com Agility Fuel Systems high-capacity CNG system A gility Fuel Systems released a high-capacity, behind-the-cab compressed natural gas fuel system. The new system holds 160 diesel gallon equiva- lents and weighs 500 pounds less than the previous model. The new system uses higher capacity and lighter cylinders to bring the weighs down to 2,050 pounds, while requiring only 31¼ inches of frame rail space. According to Agility, the system could deliver a driving range of more than 600 miles depending on the application. The updated CNG system includes Next Gen- eration Type 4 Cylinders, an integrated fuel management module, and area pressure relief devices. The system also fits within the already existing fairings to maintain the truck's aerodynamics and delivers peak fuel efficiency. Circle 346 on Reader Action Card or go to www.hdt.hotresponse.com

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